30 October 2015

Have Some Fun

I recall some years back doing some work for a company that had a boss from Germany. I noticed the staff at the company seemed a bit fearful of him because he could get very angry if things were not done his way. The following comparison is between what I saw of this man and VW.

I wasn't an employee but in my work there I made a decision that got him angry and he really yelled at me. A short time later a situation arose that I had to make a decision again in the same circumstances and I knew I had to repeat what he told me never to do again. On finding out, he realised I had to do it that way and said nothing. I hoped he would say I did the right thing, but that would be backing down and he was too proud for that. In many ways I see the culture at VW as similar. Employees were operating in an environment of fear. Upsetting the top brass was avoided at all cost.

Boring. At least the colour suits it

Now VW want to change that and this scandal is the catalyst. The fact dieselgate even happened shows how bad things had become at VW. I assume the culture of fear is to be banished. Being the #1 car maker by volume is no longer the issue, but improved profitability is. The staff have been told to have fun! When I look at the new Passat for example, I see it designed by people who wouldn't know fun if it jumped up and bit them.

I like cars with style. If a car has something beautiful or even cheeky about it, then I'm interested. If it looks dull, then I don't want to own it. That's probably why nothing in the VW range has any appeal to me. A friend of mine hates the look of a the Nissan Juke and recently bought a VW Golf. Enough said. I'm looking forward to see what VW can come up with if its workers are having fun.

Now this car looks fun. I like it

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