15 August 2015

Jaguar's New Focus

Anyone who visits this blog with any regularity will know that the car market in China doesn't feature that much. Data excludes anything imported and I disagree that there is even need for protection, let alone ignoring anything 'foreign'. I am also not keen on a judicial system that has scant regard for copyright.

Less than 7,500 Jaguar cars were sold in China in 2012, yet by 2014 it had rocketed to over 22,500. Sales were down 63% in July '15 and 50% YTD. That kind of roller coaster ride isn't what you see in large markets. However, anything to do with China doesn't surprise me. It has been like a gold rush, with all the instability that comes with it.

Despite the 63% fall in sales in China, Jaguar actually managed to increase globally in July by 14%! For what has been such an important market for Jaguar recently, the swing of sales is going ahead smoothly. I actually am quite happy with developments (although I don't speak for Jaguar). With the growth that was going on in China, had it continued then supply would have been problematic. Now the XE can be sent to all other countries that Jaguar is sold in without massive delays. The same applies to the XF replacement coming soon.

Every cloud has a silver lining and this is one for all who put in orders for the XE. They can receive the car much sooner than they would have had this sales crash in China not occurred. Sales in July for Jaguar cars in Europe were up 95%, so plenty of happy customers there.

What will eventuate for Jaguar China I have no way of knowing. The new focus for now will involve less for China and more for elsewhere. A broader sales spread is good for Jaguar as too many eggs in the Chinese basket is risky business.

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