07 August 2015

European Emissions Regulations

Is this the way forward?

It seems that in Europe, reducing CO2 emissions from exhaust pipes is a priority. That sounds like a good idea. The problem is the cost of compliance. To achieve the goals suggested by legislators will be so expensive and perhaps - within the time frame set - impossible. Fail and fines will have to be paid.

Is this a case of trying to reach a standard the wrong way around? How about making vehicles with low emissions more attractive for the consumer? In Norway they did and electric car sales went through the roof. Of course that is expensive to do...unless the motorist helps out. If a tax was imposed on fossil fuel and then put into a fund for electric, hybrid and eventually hydrogen fuel cell propulsion incentives, that would be another way to promote change.

Low CO2 vehicles are expensive to make and the consumer won't buy them unless they are competitively priced. With electric for example, if enough cars are made then the battery price will come down thereby reducing the subsidy required.

So there seems to be two ways of doing this. Trying to force car makers to squeeze ever greater efficiency out of fossil fuel propulsion and risk crippling the industry. Or make alternative fuel powered cars cheaper to buy and more convenient to use.

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