23 April 2015

An MG SUV Coming To Europe

I must say a nice looking SUV. I can see it selling well in Europe

Although MG/Rover was taken to China, it has carefully maintained a European connection. A design studio was set up in the UK, and all cars have a sold in the UK are assembled there. The assembly is from kits and in small numbers but the intent is there, to make the cars feel European. Porsche Engineering was tasked with improving handling for the GS SUV.

They haven't rushed things with regard to Europe, just taken their time. Now an SUV model has arrived the GS and it seems the time may be right to expand beyond the UK. The GS will be assembled the same way as the MG3 compact and MG6 medium sized cars are, at Longbridge, UK. It will be released in Europe (UK at least) in late 2016.

One would assume that an SUV will really expand sales as it is such a popular segment now. It will be a step up in assembly operations in terms of volume too. Just over 2,300 of the 3 and 5 models were sold in the UK - and that is the only market so far in Europe - so it has been a small venture up until now.

A rear shot taken at the Shanghai Auto Show

This route taken by SAIC with the MG brand is different from other Chinese car makers. It has a European input that makes it a bit different. They are assembled in Europe and apparently do OK in car crash tests! Yay. It deserves success and it will take time, something SAIC seem prepared to spend.


  1. MG's future is genuinely interesting. If I were the UK government I would be on to MG's Chinese owners every day pointing them at what Nissan have done in the UK and encouraging them to do the same. Nissan started by assembling kits of the Bluebird and look at them now. I see no reason why MG couldn't achieve the same, especially as the marque is still popular, particularly in the UK.

    Chris G

  2. An insightful comment Chris. I agree. The speed that SAIC is moving is glacial. Why will it take to 2017 for the SUV to be selling in Europe?