31 December 2014

Peugeot/Citroën Prod Cars/LCVs By Nation : 2013

After many years of providing OICA with a breakdown of production by nation, this year, the data does not differentiate between Peugeot and Citroën. All my historical data separates the two, so of no use. Hopefully PSA has simply taken a hiatus from providing data for each. So what I did was look at total production by make, broken down in to domestic and overseas.

France +/- Abroad +/- Total +/-
Peugeot 527,418 -14.9% 1,024,998 -2.2% 1,552,416 -6.9%
Citroën 392,478 -20.6% 869,412 16.0% 1,261,890 1.4%

Data source: CCFA.

Peugeot: Comparing 2013 with 2012, total volume was down 6.9%, with local production -14.9%. The main reason I could make out was older models such as the 206 and 207 winding down, and increase for the 208 not fully compensating. Also the 405 ended it's eternal run. In 2011, Peugeot was the 11th largest car brand, but in two years it has fallen to 16th. 

Peugeot has joined the small SUV segment with the 2008

Citroen: For the 2012 /13 period, total volume was up 1.4%, despite a very depressed domestic output. The C4/C4 Picasso did well and kept the brand in plus territory. Citroën also has a solid presence in China which helps. Citroën was 16th for global production in 2011, but is 18th now, with Mitsubishi breathing down its neck. 

The C4 Picasso was Citroën's best seller in 2013

Summary: The combined brands under PSA have been consolidating as the company tries to win back sales. In such a competitive industry that won't be easy. Both marques going head to head for much the same customer isn't helpful either. 

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