28 December 2014

Kia Production Cars/LCVs By Nation : 2013

The 2014 Optima model

Kia has 'the power to surprise' apparently. The surprise is it's excessive reliance on local production, which is not healthy. All it needs is a lengthy strike to really hurt its ability to supply cars. It is building a plant in Mexico which will help to spread it's production volumes. Being 10th in the world for car/LCV production is a fine effort.

It wasn't that long ago that all it's cars were made in Korea. It started with China less than ten years ago (now two plants there), then in Slovakia (2007) and the USA (late 2009).

11 12 13 Nation Prod Share

1 1 1 Korea 1,416,879 53.5%

2 2 2 China 551,006 20.8%

3 3 3 USA 369,299 13.9%

4 4 4 Slovakia 313,000 11.8%

Total 2,650,184

Data source: OICA and Kia.

The European Ceed

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