29 December 2014

Chrysler Production Cars/LCVs By Nation : 2013

The Challenger in a barn down south. Moonshine anyone?

Coming in 11th is Fiat owned Chrysler. Chrysler once had a European arm as do Ford and GM, but failed to really make it work. It retreated to the US and there it stayed. It did own a share of Mitsubishi for a while and formed a brief and unhappy alliance with Daimler. Now part of an alliance with Fiat, which in turn is now FCA. So far the collaboration is working well.

The Renegade. Did the Von Trapps not think to use one? 

All it's production is in one region but soon some will be in Italy as well. That will be the new, small Jeep Renegade model. The brands that make up Chrysler mainly produce LCVs, such as pick-up trucks, SUVs and MPVs. Just over 75% of all production would be classed as such.

11 12 13 Nation Prod Share

1 1 1 USA 1,497,205 62.4%

2 2 2 Canada 566,782 23.6%

3 3 3 Mexico 333,817 13.9%

Total 2,397,804

Date source: OICA and Chrysler.

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