30 December 2014

BMW Production Cars/LCVs By Nation : 2013

The 3 Series GT. Yet another niche found

For the size BMW has become, it's surprising they are made in so few countries. Two out of three cars are made at home, and has been like that for years. Nearly 80% of BMWs were made in Germany in 2010, so things are changing. They make the list in 13th position.

China replaced Austria in 2010, but otherwise an unchanging production base. When making a higher profit margin car, so many produced in a high wage country isn't really an issue. There is a plan to built a new plant in Mexico, with something like 150,000 capacity. It is planned to commence production in 2019.

11 12 13 Nation Prod Share

1 1 1 Germany 1,112,727 65.5%

2 2 2 USA 306,542 18.0%

3 3 3 China 214,920 12.6%

4 4 4 South Africa 65,646 3.9%

Total 1,699,835

Data source: OICA and BMW.

The BMW X5. Could you really call it stylish? I can't

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