29 September 2014

Volvo V40 CC D4 vs Mercedes GLA 200 CDi

Premium compact SUVs are catching on. Many want the versatility that they offer combined with a little class, at the expense of value for money. Still the prestige of the badge is worth it, they tell me. These two were put head to head in the NZ Autocar magazine, so what did they find. First to summarise the combatants.

V40 Cross Country D4. NZ$63,000. 2L 4 cyl diesel, 6 speed auto.

GLA 200 CDi. NZ$65,000. 2.1L diesel 7 speed auto.

The V40 Cross Country showing its versatility

The Volvo was rated as the better interior, with a superior feel. Minor controls and the cabin ambiance were a notch up according to the tester. There was more space for the driver too. It handled and performed better for those who enjoy a good drive.

The Mercedes had a larger boot area and the more desirable badge.

The relative ease of the Volvo victory surprised me. People can be in awe of marques like Mercedes and forget to check out other premium models that may well be superior. I would add that passenger safety in a Volvo is unrivalled. Forget the star system as you can read by clicking here. The judgement was the Swede was the better car but the German offering would outsell it due to the three pointed star.

So when it comes to car buying, find out all the cars available in the area you are looking for and take the time to check out all what is on offer. What you then drive away in may be a car you never have thought of purchasing.

The GLA came a definite second in this contest

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