31 July 2014

New Nissan Qashqai Arrives In NZ

The Qashqai with some typical NZ scenery behind. 

Why is this important? Well, the vehicle in question is a popular type of model for this country. It also reflects a company that looks at the global picture in making decisions. The fact that a car made the other side of the world is sent here, when a not too dissimilar X-Trail already is available shows Nissan wants a sizable slice of the medium SUV market.

As for options, there is only one petrol version, a 2.0L with CVT auto. There is now a diesel for the first time, a 1.6L also mated to the CVT. The prices have all dropped NZD$2,000 for the petrol model. Seeing as most NZ cars are overpriced with our strong currency at the moment, that is good to see. As the Qashqai won't be continued in Japan in future, the used imports that pour in from there will dry up in due course.

So the Qashqai now represents an excellent car at a sharper price. Car sales are strong, especially for this segment. It will be a sales winner for certain.

Picture source and some more information: Autotalk.

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