20 June 2014

Subaru WRX vs VW Golf GTi Performance

Google Blogger playing up again, like happened this time last year. If I cannot post, it will be another time of few articles coming through. This from the company that wants to bring us driverless cars. Scary. 

The WRX looks like it means business...

I was reading the NZ Autocar magazine for May 2014. In it was a head to head comparison between the above mentioned vehicles. As I will never be getting familiar with either model, it was interesting to hear the opinions of those that have.

First up the GTi. It was considered the more refined drive, with a nicer cockpit too. The twin clutch auto was rated better than the CVT in the Subaru. It was called a great allrounder, meaning I guess it did all things well. It came in at NZ$65,500.

...while the Golf GTi looks the more refined

The WRX was described as a better all-weather, all-road weapon. That I assume means the better drive of the two. It was also roomier. The price of the car is NZ$49,990.

The summary: The cars will appeal to different sorts of people, it was stated. I got the impression older ones will prefer the refined VW, but younger drivers the Subaru. It was also noted that the price difference for many would be too much to ignore. The GTi Performance is over 30% more expensive in NZ, and I cannot see anything that the VW has to offer over its Japanese opponent making it worth that. Where you love, pricing may be different, but down here a clear victory for the WRX.

PS. If VW NZ wants to prove that the VW is worth it, please email me at rdc1234@gmail.com for a test drive. I await your response.

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