21 June 2014

Nissan e-NV200 Van

The e-van in the usual Nissan aqua blue

Vans in Europe are generally diesel fuelled, an engine that is robust and economical. However, Nissan is lobbing into the market a Spanish built Nissan electric van. The maker claims lower running costs, better handling and reduced emissions. Lower costs are the fuel, but mainly through less maintenance expense. The battery is placed low and centrally, improving stability and reducing body roll. All makers are trying to bring down their CO2s as well.

Many vans don't actually do big mileage due to staying close to their home base, so range anxiety isn't an issue for many potential owners. So what is the catch? They are pricey without government incentives, so strong sales will depend on that. Still they will find some buyers, perhaps 1200 pa initially. They are only made in Spain for the global market, so it shows how hard electrically powered vehicle makers are finding it to get sales.

In summary: I like the e-NV200 and it is good thinking to bring a battery powered van into the marketplace. They will be sold to taxi and delivery companies. It's a shame that they will sell in such small numbers.

It carries people too. I would like one but for the range and price

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