27 June 2014

Hydrogen Power A Step Closer

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I mentioned in an article recently about future fuel options hydrogen or fuel-cell powered cars (FCVs) that can be seen by clicking here. Well, it just got a little closer with the Japanese government getting behind helping set up the FC dispensing infrastructure and subsidies for the cars themselves.

The benefits of FCVs is they emit water from the exhaust pipe. They run on hydrogen which - depending on the source and process it is achieved through - has a good potential environmental impact. Using fuel cells to power your electric car is better than heavy and not eco-friendly batteries. They have a much better range than batteries also.

The problems are not insignificant. Fueling stations are rare and expensive to set up. Apparently you just cannot charge up a car after the last one, there is time required before the next car can be charged. The cost of the cars is high until manufacturing volumes are sufficient.

Those who will gain are especially Honda and Toyota, both having invested heavily in the technology, but without success up to now. They will be gearing up production for early 2015. They will lose money on every vehicle they sell, but that always happens with new ideas and ways.

The risk is still there though. Who is to say that FCVs are the way forward? Another technology may come along with more advantages and take the industry in a different direction. That is always an imponderable with any decision such as this. Sometimes you just have to take that chance.

Therefore government assistance is essential. Some car makers have to give it a try. We will see if it has any future.

Penguins approve too, so it was nice they turned up in support

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