25 June 2014

Britain's Biggest Private Car Collection For Sale

 Britain's biggest private car collection is for sale for £100m. James Hull has filled a number of warehouses with cars from the past 80 years. Due to health issues the owner James Hull has decided to move them on. It seems he would like to keep the collection intact if possible. I would imagine he would get more individually but for sentiment I can see why he wants it that way.

The 450 car collection has some models that are rare and others with special history. If you want more about that, it is available on the internet. Suffice to say, it is an amazing collection of British cars of yesteryear, one very much worth keeping together.

Some cars here that are not so old, I remember them (yikes)

Some rather nice cars among this lot

A Jaguar collection 

Even a plane thrown in here

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