29 May 2014

Ford Vignale

Would you pay much more than a regular Mondeo? 

Ford is to introduce it's upmarket Vignale sub-brand in 2015. Why are they going to the bother? Let's see if we can find out what it is all about.

Rationale: There is little money to be made in the mass car market. Going upmarket even a little makes a difference to profitability, if you get some reasonable volume of sales.

Execution: Taking mass cars, adding quality touches and giving a better customer service. This will entice customers who want their car buying and ownership experience to feel a bit special.

Risk: Premium brands have been moving down anyway and they have the advantage of status. Sticking Vignale at the end of a regular Ford named cars doesn't have the same prestige to it.

The S-Max Vignale
Likely outcome: At best I can see it being moderately successful. More likely I see it being a failure and retired after a few years. I would like to see it work, but once the prices are raised very much, punters start looking at more prestigious marques.

Summary: Ford are not alone in this. Citroen is moving its DS range in a similar direction. A marginal premium over the regular priced model will be accepted but go beyond that and it won't work.

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