29 April 2014

UK Total Car Sales By Region : 2013

My final installment on regional car sales for the UK (I might do Northern Ireland when it become available) simply looks at total figures. I apologise to any Scots who may wonder why only a part of the country appears on the map. That is how it came, and at least you can see where it is.

The regions as discussed already are below, with 2011 census populations next to them. Finally comes the ratio of one car sold per person. For example, in the South East of England, one new car is sold for every 18,977 people.

Each entry is colour coded for North, Middle and South England, with Scotland and Wales with their own colour (woooo).

South East 8,634,750 18,977

West Midlands 5,601,847 20,145

East Midlands 4,533,222 23,889

South West 5,288,935 25,112

Scotland 5,295,403 25,804

East England 5,842,965 29,698

York & Humber 5,283,733 31,980

North West 7,052,177 32,120

North East 2,596,886 33,398

Wales 3,063,456 36,229

London 8,173,941 57,379

UK 61,367,315 28,395

England 50,129,918 27,392

Summary: The South East of England being at the top is no surprise, but the two Midlands I didn't expect so high. Scotland did well, but Wales was as I thought, very low. The three Northern regions didn't do so well, but they do have the best Football teams. Congested London did as expected.

To quickly access other regions in this series for 2013, simply click on the following regions: South EnglandMid England, North England, Wales, and Scotland. 

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