30 January 2014

Toyota Group Worldwide Vehicle Sales : 2013

This car sums up Toyota for me - safe and bland...

The Toyota Group managed a 2.4% increase in 2013, not as much as I expected. It didn't help that domestic sales were down 5%. The figures below are rounded because that is how they are released. So what does the chart below tell us?

90% of the group's total sales are the Toyota brand.
Daihatsu was the poorest performer with a 1% drop in sales.
Just over three quarters of total sales are offshore.

2013 Share 2012 +/-

Toyota Japan 1,585,000 18% 1,692,000 -6%

Rest 7,363,000 82% 7,025,000 +5%

Total 8,948,000 90% 8,717,000 +3%

Daihatsu Japan 663,000 76% 678,000 -2%

Rest 207,000 24% 198,000 +5%

Total 870,000 9% 876,000 -1%

Hino Japan 48,000 30% 43,000 +12%

Rest 114,000 70% 112,000 +2%

Total 162,000 2% 155,000 +5%

Total Japan 2,296,000 23% 2,413,000 -5%

Rest 7,684,000 77% 7,335,000 +5%

Total 9,980,000 9,748,000 +2%

Data source: Thanks to Toyota.

...but they do have an innovative side 


  1. What is interesting about Toyota is that they have never gone down the Ford/VW/GM route of trying to buy other brands to boost growth. In the late 80s When Toyota wanted a luxury brand it could have bought Jaguar, but instead it chose to create a new brand from scratch. You would think this strategy would run out of steam eventually but it doesn't seem to have done so yet.

    Ultimately my bet is on VW to be the biggest, provided they can really crack the US market. This is because VW have a wider range of brands to market which will find buyers somewhere.

    Chris G

  2. You're right Chris, Toyota have only three brands, whereas the the other big two more.

    It is only a matter of time for VW I am picking.

  3. Of course, in Ford's case the buying brands strategy fell apart because they didn't invest properly. And GM's brand-buying days are also long behind it, so that only leaves VW. But they seemed to have cracked the code for using the same platform to create completely different vehicles with markedly different appeal to different audiences.

  4. They save costs with sharing of platforms, engines etc.

    VW are a company on a mission, they want to be top dog.