26 November 2013

Jaguar F-Type Hardtop Is Here

On a beautiful day, it must be fantastic to put the top down and go cruising. I say 'must be' as I have never done it. It should be on my bucket list. Anyway, for most motoring days the hardtop will be the more practical choice. It will surely be the bigger seller of the two. (Up until Oct 2013 just over 5,000 soft tops have been sold worldwide, about 6 months of sales).

Why did Jaguar opt for the soft top first? It could have been to take some heat out of the demand while production is ramped up. Then when manufacturing is in full swing, bring in the bigger selling version. Whatever the reason, the car as seen below has arrived.

The problem I foresee is making enough. There is a cap of 15,000 units for the F-Type and the XK due to limitations with the aluminium processing of the bonnet (US: hood). This can only mean an eye watering waiting list. Maybe they can squeeze a few more out but this is such a looker - as well as a great drive - demand will surely be too high for production capacity. I guess in that case residual prices (second hand market) will hold up very well.

Very Masculine Stance

Love The Rear Hatch

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