13 May 2013

BMW vs Mercedes vs Audi: Which Is Best?

These three cars do battle to be the largest selling premium brand. As to why it is so important to hold that title I am not sure. It seems to be a very German thing, the competitiveness of it all. Does it matter to a potential buyer which one sells more cars? Now on to my assessment, based on observation as I am not a motoring journalist whisked off to exotic locations to test them on amazing roads. In that case, I have no one to impress lest my air ticket goes missing in the mail next time there is another car test.


Plus: Saves costs by basing its cars on other lesser VW offerings, therefore a big profit marque for VW. Nice interiors and an impressive badge to many.

Minus: Based on lesser VW brands, so that has to count negatively in quality. Has less pedigree and designs make each model look much the same.

Conclusion: Unless Audi offer me a loan car that in some way enlightens me as to the merit of this make over the other two here, I cannot see a case for buying one.

Mercedes Benz:

Whoever was responsible...sack him. Now.
Plus: The marque with the most history of quality here. I have driven a couple of late model cars and must say they are a quality vehicle.

Minus: They are somewhat dull too. They go from ordinary to sometimes quite ugly.

Summary: Not a bad choice but lack something to make your heart race. Too much engineering and not enough passion.


BMWs have got something the others lack.
Plus: The best driver's cars here and with more excitement, the latter not hard in this company mind you.  Enough heritage to give the badge some snob value.

Minus: Not as bad looking but not great either. Some models are ugly and pointless though, the X6 springs to mind.

Summary: Quite easily the choice here for the driver. They simply do what they do better than the other two for my taste. They show more imagination, exactly what Audi and Merc are starved of.


  1. Quote"Minus: Not as bad looking but not great either."

    nice joke, not great looking. Ok, X6 is ugly, but what about 5 series F10 and 7 series F01? They look perfect, both of them have best design and interior in their classes.
    Not only the best driving excitement, but also the best looking design was always one of the basic BMW qualities. Of course not the all models, but most of them look great.

  2. The comment about looks was an across the range comment, as you rightly noted. For example, the 1 Series is poor IMO, but the shape in the pic shows it's not all bad.
    It sounds like BMW is your pick of the three also.