25 April 2013

Where Car Brands Do Best/Worst In England

How strong or weak a brand of car is in a country can vary greatly within the boundaries of a country. Which brands do best and worst in the UK by region? Only major brands are considered. First a map of the regions in case you need geographical assistance.

Each area below has total sales for 2012 in brackets.

The North East (68,700) has Nissan, Mazda and Suzuki as their strongest areas, with Audi and Mercedes their worst.

The North West (193,700) has no best ratings but is Volvo's worst area.

Yorkshire/Humberside (158,100) has BMW, MINI and Land Rover as those brands top areas, but none as a worst region.

The East Midlands (170,300) is best for Vauxhall, Toyota and Skoda, with Ford, BMW, Nissan, MINI, Land Rover, Renault, Honda, Jaguar and Fiat as their poorest region. Wow!

The West Midlands (276,100) is Peugeot's, Citroen's and Jaguar's top spot, but no good for Kia, Suzuki and Porsche.

East (174,000) England is best for both Ford and Volvo, but the region is not good for VW, Peugeot and Skoda.

London (127,400) is tops for VW, Mercedes, Kia, Renault, Fiat and Porsche but a flop for Vauxhall, Citroen, Hyundai and Mazda.

The South East (409,000) is best for Audi and Seat, but not worst for any brand.

The South West (178,400) is a nice place for dealers of Hyundai and Honda, but not Toyota or Seat.

There were no surprises with Nissan, Jaguar, Honda and Ford being strongest where they have factories. Yorkshire is quite affluent with premium brands doing well. The South East is the biggest area for new car sales. Perhaps a more even distribution of wealth would help the North East, with the lowest new car sales by some margin.

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