30 April 2013

Nissan Worldwide Production: 2012/13

Nissan  Juke-R; aren't we all glad they make it?

Unlike some Japanese brands, Nissan makes many of its cars in the markets they are selling them in. For that  they deserve to be applauded. The home market now makes less than a quarter of Nissan cars. That was very helpful while the Yen has been more fairly valued and making Japanese car making a marginal proposition. Now the currency is being driven down by government intervention, making cars in the land of the rising sun is more profitable again. Still, producing them in many regions minimises the ups and downs of monetary fluctuations.

Nissan Leaf  production commences in the UK

Production data being slightly down understandably mirrored sales. The interesting thing about this list is that the two largest car making nations for Nissan went down (below highlighted in yellow) and all the others are up (blue).

Region 12-13 % Tot % +/- 11-12 % Tot

China 1,114,712 23% -12.6% 1,275,551 26%

Japan 1,060,157 22% -11.6% 1,198,826 25%

Mexico 672,679 14% 4.6% 643,372 13%

USA 671,748 14% 16.3% 577,618 12%

UK 505,042 11% 2.7% 491,551 10%

Others 764,948 16% 18.1% 647,570 13%

Total 4,789,286 -0.9% 4,834,488

New Nissan Pathfinder

Data source: Nissan.

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  1. It's also commendable because production in the countries where the vehicles are sold also undoubtedly contributes to the job market and economy.