15 April 2013

Car Sales Citroën By Model: 2011/12

The C4 Picasso

Some car makers have a simple way of doing business and handling model replacements. Then there is PSA.  Nothing is simple about following how models are replaced and named. I have tried to rationalise the many models being made by Citroën but how they do things is unusual. I will start with a run down of what I found:

The ZX is an old model from 2001, still made somewhere (?) and is the same model as the present C4. The Xsara Picasso started in 1999 and it also is still made today, albeit in small numbers. I have combined it with the C3 Picasso, a modern MPV equivalent made in Slovakia. The C8 is a large MPV replaced by the C4 Picasso which is made in Spain.

The C-Crosser (Mitsubishi Outlander) is now replaced by the Air-Cross (Mitsubishi ASX). Different sizes I know, but it is considered by Citroën as a replacement model. The C-Zero is a Mitsubishi i-Miev electric car made for Citroën.

With that explanation, here are the hard facts (yellow = decrease, blue = increase):

Model 2012 2011 +/- %

ZX/C4 319,400 351,716 -9%

C3 215,751 255,312 -15%

Xs Pic/C3 Pic 88,691 110,056 -19%

C8/C4 Picas 87,000 122,467 -29%

C2/DS3 82,893 88,843 -7%

C5 76,345 101,213 -25%

C1 66,706 87,673 -24%

DS4 33,157 29,477 12%

DS5 27,807 3,255 754%

C-Cr/C4 Air-X 20,325 7,460 172%

C-Elysse 5,628

C-Zero 3,348 2,074 61%

C6 1,572 922 70%

Total 1,028,623 1,160,468 -11%

All the bigger selling models decreased, while all the smaller volume vehicles went up. Looking at those figures, I see a company that is struggling with sales and direction. The new DS designation is trying to take the brand upmarket and into more profitability. Good luck with that one.

Citroën relies heavily on Europe and France in particular, none of which is healthy. It decreased less than stable mate Peugeot, but that is like saying it is better to be 'rear ended' by a smaller car rather that a larger one. It is hard competing in the mass produced car market as there are too many brands. Citroën has a fight on its hands and PSA needs to make some hard decisions.

The DS3 

Data source: Thanks to PSA.

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