25 March 2013

SEAT Car Production By Model: 2012

Spanish brand Seat is a problem for VW.  As you can see by the chart below, despite an extra model in the form of the Mii (pictured above), production was still down. Yellow shading means decrease and there is too much of that. I view it as a poor man's Alfa Romeo but it isn't selling like it is. It is sold in too few countries but until the range of vehicles is right and succeeding in the markets it is already in, only then it will be time to expand to new countries.

The car industry has too many brands already and SEAT struggles to assert itself in that congested environment. I get the feeling it may be about to turn a corner and start improving sales. It needs to before VW loses patience with it.

Ibiza 160,887 -16% 50.1%

Leon 71,295 -12% 22.2%

Altea/Toledo 32,478 -23% 10.1%

Mii 26,409 new 8.2%

Alhambra 19,393 +7% 6.0%

Exeo 10,854 -45% 3.4%

Total 321,316 -9%


Data source thanks to VW Group.

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