19 February 2013

Car Production UK By Make: 2012

Car production in the UK was solid considering most of the cars made there go to Europe. That region is in poor shape so any growth is positive. The chart below shows rank, brand, whether they went up or down in ranking, numbers made, difference from 2011 and finally percentage up or down.

Rk Brand +/- Units Diff %
1 Nissan - 510,572 30,087 +6.3%
2 Land Rover - 305,467 67,230 +28.2%
3 MINI - 207,530 16,056 +8.4%
4 Honda +2 165,607 68,148 +69.9%
5 Toyota - 109,429 -18,717 -14.6%
6 Vauxhall -2 90,187 -47,784 -34.6%
7 Jaguar - 55,916 5,984 +12.0%

20,198 92 +0.5%

1,464,906 121,096 +9.0%

Summary: 2013 up again, but not by as much. 

Nissan: Another stellar year for the plant at Sunderland. It is now at capacity so 2013 should be similar.

Land Rover: A 28% increase is robust to say the least. Now that an extra shift is running at Halewood and the all new Range Rover is on stream, we can expect a good increase for 2013. This is a brand on the move.

MINI: They managed to squeeze out 8% more cars than 2011, but the plant at Oxford is also at full stretch so any growth for 2013 would be minimal. A plant in the Netherlands will in future take any increases the marque delivers.

Honda: I was surprised at the size of the production gain at Swindon. However, recently laying off staff due the the European situation says 2013 won't be as good.

Toyota: The first of two brands on the list that actually decreased. Despite that, they are talking about more units leaving Burnaston in 2013 than in '12.

Vauxhall: What can you say about GM? Production volumes fluctuate in the UK like a pendulum in a grandfather clock. Well up in 2011, down over a third in 2012. I know GM is reducing sales at a fair rate of knots in Europe, but really can the plant at Ellesmere Port go lower than this? Well, they only made 76,000 in 2009, so I am picking another drop, albeit smaller.

Jaguar: Somehow the 'big cat' growled louder in 2012, to the tune of 12% in fact. Improvements for the XF and the Chinese market enabled the increase. The XF wagon, awd variants and the F-Type say 2013 will again be a better year.

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