03 October 2012

Land Rover Worldwide Sales By Model: 2011

Land Rover sales for 2011 by model is data hard to find, in fact as with the Jaguar equivalent, perhaps only to be found here. It is thanks to the more open TATA policy. So how did LR models sell?

RR Sport 54,670 24.4%
Freeland 51,954 23.2%
Discover 44,874 20.1%
R Rover 29,626 13.2%
Evoque 22,710 10.2%
Defender 19,768 8.8%
Total 223,602

Solid sales right across the range. The Evoque only came into production late in the year, but has taken the lead in 2012, such is its desirability. The Freelander has understandably suffered as a result, but is a fine vehicle in its own right. No doubt TATA see the benefit of this sort of information reaching the public at large. Readers such as yourselves like to follow the brand, not to mention the benefits of positive publicity.


  1. Hi RayCee,
    I am impressed at how you manage to get hold of these (and other) data!
    It is especially impressive in the case of JLR, because much of the data that they do publish pertains to their fiscal year - ending March 31st...
    You must have excellent relations - or else perhaps you know something very private about some-one at Tata :-)

    Either way, thanks for this!

  2. No problem Grunt ( I hate calling you that). I do not have any connection with TATA, although you think they would say thanks one day for all the PR they get out of this site ;-)
    You are correct about their financial year being how they generally release figures. I don't think you will see calendar figures like this elsewhere, but TATA should release them the way they are here. I just wish they would be more open about JLR in India. It is all good news I believe.