10 October 2012

Jaguar Worldwide Sales By Region: 2011

In which regions and quantities does the Jaguar marques sell in? Only one way to find out, come to this post in this blog. Ford used to release this data years ago and now TATA do also. Starting with Ford's data of 2002, which had different ways of dividing sales by region than TATA do naturally enough. They also rounded figures also.

Total 130000

Europe 53300 41.0 %
Nth Am 65000 50.0 %
Asia/Pac 9100 7.0 %
Rest 2600 2.0 %

Compare that with 2011:

Total 50678

Europe 23462 46.3 %
Nth Am 13052 25.8 %
Asia/Pac 9203 18.2 %
Rest 4961 9.8 %

Sales numbers are down with the demise of the volume model X-Type. Russian sales figures are now in the rest figure but may have been in Europe with Ford. Asia has been a big mover with China taking off. The almost total reliance on North America and Europe has been markedly reduced which is a good thing, too many eggs in one basket comes to mind.

Another amazing fact is that Jaguar was losing money on big sales but Jaguar is now profitable despite selling a lot less cars. It just goes to show that selling more does not always mean profitability.

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