25 September 2012

Jaguar vs Lexus

Here are two makers of quality vehicles. Both are at the top of reliability studies and Jaguar in particular top of customer satisfaction surveys. The ranges are similar, so in many ways appeal to similar customers.

Lexus (apparently meaning Luxury Export US) gives the idea of what the marque was all about, the USA. Indeed, it sells very well there; otherwise popularity is muted. Which is a shame as they are good cars, if somewhat bland and functional rather than exciting.

Jaguar (meaning a big, powerful cat) also gives a clue about the marque. These are elegant, stylish, powerful and - once upon a time - unreliable cars. Now the reliability is very good, so you can have it all. Which to choose? Where they go head to head in their model ranges, I would always take the Jag. Lexus was the choice for those who wanted class with a peerless reliability. Jaguar was for those who loved a good drive. Now that Jaguar make a car that visits the repair garage no more than even Lexus, well there really is no choice.

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