21 September 2012

Jaguar F-Type Photos Released

 Jaguar needs to expand its range of cars. It is doing just that with the new F-Type, bringing the range to four models. That is a minimal offering in today's market, but at least Jaguar is going in the right direction. It will slot below the current XK sports car. The F-Type will be relatively cheap, and bring new buyers to the Jaguar marque.

Some say it is the equivalent to the E-Type, but I do not consider that sort of comparison realistic nor helpful. The E-Type was a car for its time, a classic style that simply could not be done today, what with the myriad of regulations that car makers have to work within.

Others call it a car to take on Porsche. Again, not how I see it. Porsche make extreme handling cars, something that Jaguar are not aiming at. Rather, Jags are softer, more easy to cruise in. Of course, the F-Type will handle very well, but will also traverse large distances with consummate ease.

It will be available early in 2013 and will sell well, although I am unsure what sort of numbers JLR is expecting.

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