24 September 2012

Finding A JLR Dealer In NZ

I thought I would check out the Jaguar and Land Rover dealers in New Zealand.

I 'Googled' Jaguar and up came this at: http://tiny.cc/uxj4kw

There we see at a glance that there are eight dealers, seven in the North Island and one in the South Island. A person could decide which one was the best one for their location.

I did the same for Land Rover. I couldn't find anything, so I added the word 'dealer' to the search and this is where it led: http://tiny.cc/74j4kw

You have to enter a postcode or city. I entered mine and came up with a 'no results found'. I have to enter a city where there is a dealer to get a response. How crazy is that? If you don't know where the dealers are, you have to guess cities until you get one right.

Both of these brands are part of the same company. Jaguar lets you easily find where all the dealers are, while Land Rover prefers to take you on safari. Top points Jaguar, a big zero to Land Rover.

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