15 September 2012

Are You Confused By All The MINI Variants?

I have to say that German car makers know a thing or two about niche segments. They get models into every cranny they can find, then invent new ones to cram new variants into. It can get confusing. The original Mini had different models but the BMW MINI of the 21st century is getting so many different variations, perhaps a clarification is in order:

In 2001, the basic hatch model arrived, in One, Cooper and Cooper S options. I thought that was a good range in itself. Sales as follows (2012 6 months; % figure of total MINI sales):

2001 _42,395
2002 160,037
2003 176,366
2004 189,492
2005 ?
2006 147,239 (78%)
2007 182,853 (82%)
2008 162,135 (70%)
2009 150,043 (69%)
2010 155,841 (67%)
2011 137,155 (48%)
2012 _64,864 (43%)

The convertible came along in 2005 and was the same car sans lid. Not for everyone but a welcome addition as sales show:

2005 ?
2006 40,138 (21%)
2007 35,108 (16%)
2008 23,208 (10%)
2009 28,303 (13%)
2010 32,680 (14%)
2011 29,305 (10%)
2012 14,669 (10%)

The Clubman turned up in 07/08 and is a wagon (estate) version. It had a single rear side door, unchanged regardless of whether it was left or right hand drive.

Quite practical, but not overly so.

2007 _4,914 (_2%)
2008 47,082 (20%)
2009 38,192 (18%)
2010 31,317 (13%)
2011 25,745 (_9%)
2012 11,913 (_8%)

The Countryman arrived in 2010, made in Austria due to capacity restraints in the UK. The first unattractive MINI in my opinion, also the biggest MINI which is in fact not that mini at all.

Surely this pushes the envelop to the limit size-wise of the MINI genre. It is also available as a 4wd.

2010 14,377 (_6%)
2011 89,036 (31%)
2012 49,588 (33%)

In 2011 the Coupé came out, and this is the ugly ducking model. Drives really well but would have to looking like that.

2011 3,799 (1%)
2012 6,278 (4%)

The Roadster surfaced in 2012 and is a convertible version of the Coupé. Sales so far give little indicator of popularity, but minimal sales can be anticipated:

2012 4,563 (3%)

Next year (2013) will see the Paceman hit the road. It seems to be a sporty version of the Countryman. As BMW searches for yet another offerings to squeeze into the range, I wonder if it needs to be made. I guess it didn't cost that much to do, being a version of something existing.

I hope this summary helps to clarify the myriad of models the MINi has become. For me, I'd buy a hatch model, but none of the others would feature on my shopping list. It's a pity a 5 door model in the basic hatch model hasn't been done. OK, the Countryman could fill that gap, but I would sooner have a Focus or Civic hatch in that case.

PS. Hats off to BMW who understand that releasing such data above is good PR for them. That some car makers feel it is sensitive information is nonsense. In this day and age, competitors know this sort of thing already.


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