02 June 2012

Customer Satisfaction Survey UK: 2012

I prefer customer satisfaction surveys as they cover a broader field than just a reliability one. If customers feel satisfied with the car they bought, they will more likely return to the brand next time.

The J.D. Power & Associates/What Car? 2012 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study according to the jdpower.com website "is based on owner evaluations of their vehicle and dealer across 67 attributes grouped in four measures of satisfaction. In order of importance: vehicle appeal, which includes performance, design, comfort and features; ownership costs, including fuel consumption, insurance and costs of service/repair; vehicle quality and reliability; and dealer service satisfaction".
I'm sorry I couldn't get it clearer. I wrote out the data in case you cannot see it well on your screen.

Jaguar 828
Lexus 801
Skoda 801
Honda 797
Mercedes 794
Toyota 793
Audi 786
VW 781
Volvo 779
BMW 778
Land Rover 774
Average 770
Kia 769
Seat 769
MINI 768
Ford 765
Mazda 763
Peugeot 763
Alfa Romeo 762
Citroen 760
Hyundai 760
Mitsubishi 757
Renault 756
Suzuki 753
Fiat 748
Vauxhall 747
Chevrolet 713

The results show Jaguar was an easy winner. Respondents felt Jaguar "performs particularly well in the service satisfaction, vehicle appeal, and vehicle quality and reliability measures". That seems to cover most bases.

At the other end, Chevrolet from Korea were well off the pace. With Vauxhall just above, not a good result for GM. French and Italian brands were disappointing also. Hyundai was well below par, which is interesting.


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