18 June 2012

Car Production Austria: 2011

Yes, they make cars in this alpine country, thanks to a Canadian owned company named Magna Steyr. All cars made here are from this company, made for other companies. In fact, it is the largest contract manufacturer for vehicles in the world. So how did things pan out on 2011:

MINI Countryman 89,000 +260%
BMW X3 17,900 -44%
Peugeot RCZ 13,700 _29%
M Benz SLS AMG/G-Class 7,200 +31%
Aston Martin Rapide 1,500 +0%

Total 129,300 +46%

Chrysler has just ceased making cars in Austria after many years. The X3 has finished I believe and the Rapide goes to the UK about now. Production was 209,000 in 2004, but by building for other car makers makes the whole operation subject to fluctuations. That accepted, it has done well to maintain as much consistency as it has.

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