22 May 2012

The Toyota Prius C

I have driven hybrids but not enjoyed them. They are numb when accelerating and I'm not one for putting 'the pedal to the metal' as they say. They look ugly too. The Prius C looks OK and that is important. It does 3.9L/100km. In NZ it comes with a 1.5 litre motor with CVT transmission, and sells for NZ$31,000. That puts it over 10k under the Honda Civic Hybrid, which isn't very good. The Prius C handles well, with good ride but the get up and go is still an issue.

The hybrid car is getting better all the time. This is a car I should put on my shopping list. But would I? A similar sized Honda Jazz (Fit) sells for over $6k less. The fuel saving of the Prius C would take so long to recoup, I would have long bought another car. So still only for the eco-warrior, then.

For now, regular petrol cars win. Oh, and if the NZ government stopped taxing small diesel cars off the road, a small diesel would definitely be an even better option.

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