09 April 2012

World Car Design Of The Year: 2012

Slightly late news but I only just heard that the Range Rover Evoque has been crowned World Car Design of the Year 2012. The announcement was made at the 2012 New York International Auto Show and sees Evoque's awards tally total more than 100 global accolades.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director said: "We are honored that the Range Rover Evoque has been named 2012 World Car Design of the Year. This prestigious accolade recognizes the overwhelmingly positive response that we have received to the Evoque's bold and dramatic design. It is a car that truly resonates on an emotional level."

The original 46 nominations were whittled down to the Evoque, the Citroen DS5 and the Volkswagen Up!. A design panel of five came up with the shortlist, which was then voted on by 66 jurors that came from 25 countries.

Juror Sivia Baruffaldi observed regarding the Range Rover Evoque "True to the concept car it derives from, it is a contemporary automotive design masterpiece. Besides not having equals on the markets, it is able to deliver the Land Rover DNA in a more compact, sporty body style. A premium product without the bad habit of showing off.”

Nothing more to say really....except well done.

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