18 April 2012

Milan Design Week & The XF Sportbrake

How Italians lived and how they live now is the theme of this huge multimedia and interactive exhibition entitled AD - La Casa degli Italiani dal 1861 al 2011 (AD Рthe Italian house from 1861 to 2011), which celebrates 30 years of AD, the Architectural Digest, a monthly Cond̩ Nast publication that focuses on architecture, furnishing and design. (quote: vogue.it @ http://tiny.cc/juxxcw ).

Part of this is the showing of three Jaguar models, including the soon to be released XF Sportbrake. The exhibit is classy, as you would expect. Italians love design as do the British (surprised at that?) They appreciate car design from the UK just as the British appreciate Italian design. Below are a few pics of the XF.

For more on this exhibition and pictures of the Jaguar cars, go to:

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