24 April 2012

2012 Honda CR-Z

Honda have created the Honda CR-Z as a sporty hybrid. Except it isn't strictly speaking such, but uses an electric motor to boost its petrol engine when more power is required. It has three buttons you can press for the desired driving. Econ for cruising for economy but little urge required. Normal which gives more umph but still sluggish. Then Sport for thrust. It certainly enlivens up the driving, in fact it is the only way to get going with urgency. I was invited by Honda NZ to take a drive which I took them up on, and the conclusions are as follows:

Plus points are 1) Nice handling and a fun drive in 'Sport' mode. 2) Good build quality. 3) Economical.

Minus for 1) Only two seater unless small children sit aft. 2) Hard to get out of. 3) Poor rear visibility. 4) Poor performance overall. 5) Expensive in NZ and maybe elsewhere also.

Conclusion: A car I wanted to like and if it was inexpensive, I would say a lot of fun for your money. The problem is it isn't, I could not recommend it. Unless they slash the price...

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