13 March 2012

VW Group Worldwide Sales By Brand: 2011

VW call them deliveries, I presume that means sales. Anyway, the VW Group did well in 2011. This is a company in a hurry, impatient to be the biggest in the business. They should do it, but much depends on China. Sales are stalling there and VW Group is so strong in that market. Of course, VW are pushing hard in all markets, but could be more evenly spread around the world, in other words is still a small player in some places. Below are sales for 2011 and then 2010, with the percentage change at the end:

Worldwide 8,160,154
7,139,472 +14.3

VW Cars 5,090,849 4,502,832 +13.1

Audi 1,302,659
1,092,411 +19.2

Škoda 879,184
762,600 +15.3

SEAT 350,009
339,501 +3.1

Bentley 7,003 5,117 +36.9

Lamborghini 1,602 1,302 +23.0

Bugatti 38 40 –5.0

VW Commercial 528,810 435,669 +21.4

VW is bullish about 2012, but Europe is in poor shape and China uncertain as mentioned. The SEAT brand still looks the weak link, while on the other hand Audi is the money tree.

Statistics: Volkswagen

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