07 March 2012

Jaguar XF Shooting Brake

Just released in Geneva, the XF Shooting Brake. Originally the term 'Shooting Brake' was a vehicle to take gentlemen out shooting, with all that entailed. The Wagon or Estate car that Jaguar has released is due to hit European showrooms in the third quarter of 2012. I have to say that it will sell well, due it gorgeous styling. Their is nothing on the market in that segment that looks so beautiful and graceful.

It will not be going Stateside, because the cost of meeting US regulations as opposed to sales that would have been achieved meant the business case didn't stack up. Why do the US and Europe have differing standards for safety? Which region therefore has the safer cars? Anyway, the the US misses out and unfortunately it is their loss. The fact that the car is exclusively diesel powered (2.2 or 3.0 Litre) would have been a no go for the US in any case.

People want more than just transport. They want style, class and if possible beauty. This car has all that in spades. It seems JLR can do no wrong presently.

Pics: www.autoblog.com


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