14 March 2012

The Bentley SUV; Sanity Prevails

Every vehicle made by marques such as Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin are beautiful. There is a high quality of style with such British brands. Bentley cars aren't quite in that league when it comes to good looks, but they are acceptable. German car design is to my eyes possibly the worst there is, no offence meant to any readers from that nation. I think designers from Germany hijacked Bentley's design studio when they came up with the SUV concept released at the Geneva Car Show (Bentley is owned by VW for those not au fait with such things).

The first thing I thought was London Taxi, albeit super sized. The Bentley marque needs much better than that. Then I saw the rear view and I got a hint of Porsche Cayenne. Why would you want to have even a whiff of that ugly vehicle anywhere near the design of a Bentley?

Well I am not alone in my negative views. The concept has been canned and it is back to the drawing board. Phew! Hopefully next time they will do something much, much better. Something with style would be nice. Something pleasing to the eye.

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