19 February 2012

Volvo Sales: 2011

Just as Tata's purchase of JLR has been a success, Geely's ownership of Volvo is doing something similar for Volvo. So how did it go for the Swedish car maker in 2011?

Total sales: 449,255 (373525 2010, +20.3% increase).

Top 10 markets
(2010 in brackets):

USA 67,300 (54,000)
Sweden 58,500 (52,900)
China 47,100 (30,500)
Germany 33,200 (25,200)
UK 32,300 (37,900)
Belgium 20,300 (17,600)
Russia 19,200 (10700)
Italy 18,700 (17,500)
Netherl 16,000 (14,300)
France 15,700 (12,200)

Big improving model was the S60/V60 range (19,400 to 118,200).

Volvo say they were the fastest growing luxury car brand in 2011. China increased by 54.4%, North America 22.5%, Europe 13.1% and Overseas region 35.7%. 800,000 sales are targeted for 2020, with Chinese growth a major part of that goal. 200,000 sales in China is the goal by 2015.

Volvo has ambitious plans. Reaching them will depend on how the Chinese markets pans out over the next few years. They are playing catch up with the more established German marques in that country. In Sweden, VW is putting pressure on it for the top spot, the VW Group taking increasing share and sales form it.

A good performance for Volvo in 2011.

Thanks to Volvo owner Vadym who tipped me off about this data (source www.volvocars.com). I welcome any contact about suggested material I can include in the blog.

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