31 January 2012

Range Rover Evoque vs BMW X1

NZ car magazine NZ Autocar did a comparison between the above cars in its Jan 12 issue. Seeing as the X1 for many would be the benchmark for the best small SUV, and the Evoque is the new kid on the block, a worthwhile comparison.

First up, it said the Evoque was the car with all the style. Not hard when compared with Germanic style, which let's face it doesn't really exist. There wasn't much in them on the road, but the X1 got the nod dynamically. In the refinement, the Evoque was the big winner, being much quieter and nicer instruments. The cabin itself is much better in the Evoque, giving a very solid feel.

So well done NZ Autocar for getting a comparison in seeing the Evoque has only just arrived down here. Well done Evoque, for getting it so right with basically a brand new model in a new niche for LR. The X1 got its lederhosen pulled down for a good spank, but I'm sure BMW will be smarting and want to come back with something better. For now thought, its all RR Evoque.

Pics Evoque: www.roadandtrack.com

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