26 January 2012

GM World's Biggest Vehicle Maker: 2011

I wrote a while back about who was likely to be the world's biggest vehicle maker for 2011. Well it all came true. Of late, it has been GM and Toyota battling it out for supremacy. Both sides accepted how the other counted its sales. Now the VW Group has joined the calculations. Suddenly VW isn't happy how GM counts its figures, it wants them counted in such a way that makes them top in 2011. VW says it doesn't count Scania and MAN, truck makers it has majority stakes in.

This is how it is VW. GM has been counting this way for years. Toyota had the dignity to accept how GM did it. You want to change things to suit yourself. I can see why Suzuki wants out of its tie up with you. As a company you are arrogant and have to have things your way. Look at Toyota and learn some humility. Even if you counted those truck makers, you would still be a distant second.

So what is the true record of vehicle production? GM a fine 9 million plus, VW a piddling 8.1 million and Toyota an unfortunate 7.9 million - due to natural disasters and internal decision making.

Summary: I'm not looking forward to VW ever becoming the top vehicle maker. It's already oozing arrogance out of every pore.

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