08 December 2011

Car Market UK: 1960's

The British car market was very different from today. There were numerous local car brands that dominated the scene. Most of them have gone in such a short time span. Management that lost the will or became apathetic. Workers who forgot how lucky they were to have a job. All sorts of reasons could be given, but the bottom line is a large, successful industry was wasted in a couple of decades. I won't depress you anymore, so here are the sales for the UK in 1969:

1 BLMC 388,500 40.2%
- Austin Morris 278,400 28.8%
- Triumph 64,700 6.7%
- Rover 23,400 2.4%
- Jaguar 11,800 1.2%
- MG 10,300 1.1%

2 Ford 264,000 27.3
3 Vauxhall 112,700 11.7%
4 Chrysl UK 93,400 9.7%
5 VW 20,900 2.2%
6 Fiat 20,800 2.2%
7 Renault 20,100 2.1%
Others 45,000 4.7%
Total 965,400

You can see that the top four were all British producers. So while I see the British car buyer of today as indifferent to what is locally made, back then was very different. They were domestic brands people were proud of and they made some good cars too. Of course it is easy to know what is a local car when the brand is known as such. It is not so easy today when Nissan, for example, is now the country's largest car maker.

Pics: http://gallery.brit-cars.com

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