22 December 2011

Saab Finally In Receivership

Four years ago I wrote an article 'Saab, Will It Survive?' You can see it on http://tiny.cc/pa0tc
In it I concluded: So while it would be a shame if they went the way of the Dodo, it's only GM that is keeping them from joining that hapless bird.

Well GM did indeed give up on it, yet a certain Mr Muller thought he could save it. Unfortunately, he didn't have nearly enough money to do so. I am not even sure if money could have got it back to profitability. It seems all over now anyway.

It deserved to end with the GM decision to pull out. All that is happened since is workers and suppliers have not often been paid, adding to their stress. New dealers have signed on and spent money doing up dealerships, only to be thousands out of pocket now. I get the idea it has cost the Swedish tax payer quite a bit also. Anyone trying to resurrect the marque now would be wasting their time unless it ended up in China, and GM do not seem to be allowing that to happen.

The brand did not keep up with the play and perhaps GM must take the responsibility for that. Some will mourn the passing of Saab, others will not notice or care. Saab's of earlier years were worth saving, the ones of today not so. RIP Saab.

Pic: http://www.mclellansautomotive.com/literature/items/saab/b20905-saab-1968-brochure.php

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