11 December 2011

COTY Award 2011

For the first time, the all about cars blog is issuing a COTY (car of the year) award. I'm not convinced it will get international recognition or whether the manufacturer will publicly acknowledge this prestigious award. I will write to let the manufacturer know however.

The criteria are as follows:

Released during 2011.
Excellent design and execution.
Moves the car industry forward in some way.
Practical to own.
Other makers will follow.

The winner is:

The Range Rover Evoque.

It is not very often that vehicle comes along that excites, enthuses, looks fabulous and is yet is very practical also. It ticks all the boxes, except the one that says it is in my garage. Others will follow and hopefully car makers will realise that a new car can be much the same as the concept. Well done LR for having the boldness to do something that other companies would not risk. Yet is style really ever a risk?

Runner up: Daylight. Nothing else would get my car of the year if the Evoque had not come along and I expect there won't be too many COTYs from me in the future. Maybe Citroen tries to be a little out there, but not like it used to be. The motor industry is awash with 'play it safe' executives.

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