14 December 2011

allaboutcars 2011 Summary

This blog has had quite a year. When it started in September 2007, I had no idea how many people came to view it. In July 2010, Google started giving bloggers a hit count and for the latter six months of 2010, 4,636 hits were recorded, or 773 per month. However, for 2011, there will be about 49,000 hits, or nearly 4,900 per month. That is quite an increase.

What seems most
popular is car sales by country. Car Sales for both Singapore and Germany 2010 - which were blogged in mid January 2011 - were tops for the year.
Where do you come from? Since July 2010 as follows:

USA 19.2%
UK 10.6%
France 5.3%
Germany 3.9%
India 2.9%
Malaysia 2.1%
Others 56%

January 2012 will be a busy blog month for me, with 2011 sales being released in many countries. So please pop in during January (and before of course if you wish) for more of what you especially like.

An association I would especially like to say a big thank you to is Bilsweden for their helpful, efficient service. They are a model that other similar associations should aspire to.

I have kept the blog an advertisement free zone. It is a hobby and a pleasure, not a business. There is too much commercialism in the world as it is.

For those who do visit, it is nice to have you along. You don't have to be registered to leave a comment and your feedback - whether a positive thought or constructive criticism - is welcome. So please come again and enjoy.


  1. Congratulation - an excelent job!

    I love statistics and I love to have a general overview... . When I realized that official statistics are of poor quality and content (for example acea.be) I started to search through the internet... but to my surprise, there isn't anything! Finally I foud your pages - pages that offer exactly what I was looking for - current statistics, looks into history, brand sales... a great job!

    It is still difficult to understand, how a single blogger can provide better and more interesting services, than "a professional" organizations. Admirable.

    I will be happy, if I can read through your pages in the future... Thank you for all the work done :)

  2. Hello Anan. Thank you for the comments. I find this sort of feedback invaluable as I don't really know what people think.