30 November 2011

RIP Maybach

BMW and VW wanted into the luxury end of the market. They knew having the correct brand name was as important as making fabulous cars. BMW obtained Rolls Royce, while VW secured Bentley. Mercedes Benz realised it had to get into that stratospheric segment too, but they decided to reintroduce an old, not well known marque. The Maybach brand was born. It probably seemed a better value option to what VW and BMW did. So, did it succeed? If we compare production figures of the three brands below, we will see:

Year Bentley Rolls Royce Maybach
2002 1065 150 50
2003 792 500 700
2004 7690 875 570
2005 9560 700 300
2006 10035 830 300
2007 9975 1,010 240
2008 7675 1,390 320
2009 3600 870 275
2010 4790 3,220 160

You can clearly see that Maybach was never popular, despite MB spending more than a billion Euros getting it going and expecting to make 1,000 units pa. They obviously lost a great deal of money on it. The name was never a good one, the car itself lacked style and distinction. To me it was somewhat tasteless; excess without class. It will cease production in 2013, to be replaced by extra models within the Mercedes Benz 600 series. Does the Mecedes Benz name have the cachet to take on RR or Bentley? I'm thinking no. Meanwhile, the other two marques are doing just fine.

In summary: I don't think Maybach's passing will be mourned by anyone.


  1. Finally a person that puts some real work into a blog. I do like what you have done with the blog.

  2. Thank you Anon for your observation. It does take time to put together each blog, but the effort is worth it I think.