13 October 2011

Toyota vs Holden vs Ford: Australia

Traditionally, the Australian market has been between GM Holden and Ford. Chrysler tried make it a big three but didn't succeed, as did BL. Toyota then came to the party and it was all on. They all make a large car in Australia, which has been necessary to be a real player in the market. I have data listed below going back to 1995 for each brand and sales include total vehicle sales. The year, sales, market position,  and market share are all there:

Year Toyota


1995 120,900 3 18.8% 123,000 2 19.1% 137,900 1 21.5%
2000 156,400 1 19.9% 149,800 2 19.0% 113,800 3 14.5%
2005 202,800 1 20.5% 174,500 2 17.7% 129,100 3 13.1%
2010 214,700 1 20.7% 132,900 2 11.9% 95,300 3 9.1%

The large car segment has been shrinking. Ford and Holden relied too much on this and have suffered accordingly. Toyota have done well in the 4wd and SUV sales and that is where many large car buyers have shifted to. Toyota has consolidated its market share, while the other two have plummeted. Now Ford is in danger of being overtaken by other makes, such as Mazda and Hyundai. Ford has a good range of European sourced cars, but the big Falcon is on the endangered species list.

Toyota has taken a hit with the tsunami, so 2011 hasn't been a good one for them, but they are coming back now. Holden has the strong selling Commodore now ably supported by locally made Cruze. Ford's SUV Territory model finally has a diesel motor, but Ford has not been up with the play generally. The chart says it all.


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