07 October 2011

Lancia Returns To The UK, Sort Of

Lancia pulled out of the UK market well over a decade ago, leaving behind a poor image. Now it is back...as Chrylser; the Chrysler Delta and Chrysler Ypsilon to be precise. Interesting turn of events. You see Chryslers are now Lancias on mainland Europe but the reverse in the UK. Lancia only sells smaller cars and Chrysler bigger ones, so in that sense they are a neat fit. Lancia and Chrysler cars themselves are very different in design ethos, so it may take some time for the products to have some commonality.

Apparently they won't be big sellers, with perhaps 4,000 Ypsilon and 2,500 Delta cars to be sold per annum. The targets they set may prove optimistic as I think the Lancia name would have worked better. Obviously using the established Chrysler network and brand is a cheaper way to enter the market, but longer term it may prove the wrong option.

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