02 September 2011

Best 4x4?

In a new MSN Cars poll, just under 40,000 people were asked the question "Which firm makes the best '4x4' type cars". They were invited to choose their favourite from a list of 12 leading 4x4 manufacturers. The result?

Land Rover 54%
Toyota 9%
Audi 8%
BMW 6%
Mitsubishi 5%
Subaru 4%
Jeep 3%
Mercedes-B 3%
Lexus 2%
Volkswagen 2%
Volvo 2%

That is an emphatic result, but not really surprising. I would have voted the same way. They do make consistently the best off road vehicles, that actually look good too. The new Evoque will only add to that reputation too.

Source: http://tiny.cc/72nhc

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